26 January 2010

Saddleback Mountain

This is where we spent the day on Sunday. If you've ever been skiing, you know there are several components that can make or break your day. We went skiing over a week ago and while the weather was decent and the snow wasn't bad, the crowds were so thick, it felt like black-fly season. Of course that's what happens when you're dumb enough to go skiing on Martin Luther King Day Weekend, a.k.a. a school holiday.

This week there was no school holiday, and we decided to go to Saddleback Mountain because they have a deal where any honor student in Maine (K-12) can get a season pass for $49.00. That's what you usually pay for one day of skiing, but at Saddleback, the kids can ski all season for that one-day price.

(We have two honor students in the house - guess where we'll be going from now on?)

And yes, that was a sneaky way of doing some shameless bragging. :)

Back to those components that make for good skiing. On Sunday we had them all. It was about 29 degrees with unlimited sunshine and no wind. The crowds were so thin, there was virtually no wait in the lift lines. The snow was as good as any snow I've skiied out in Colorado, which is often hard to find here in New England. It was one of the best ski days ever.

Except - both our daughters got hurt.

Nothing major, but they both got minor whiplashes. One face-planted into the snow and snapped her neck forward. The other fell on her back and snapped her neck backward. What are the odds? Thankfully, helmets are the thing these days - for the kids, anyway. I still can't bring myself to wear a helmet. I don't even wear one when I ride a bike. Shhh.

Anyway, here is a bit of what we saw.

The top of the mountain... looks a bit like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, doesn't it?

A closer view of those amazing trees...

A view of the lodge from about halfway up the Grey Ghost run...

I highly recommend a day at Saddleback... if it ever stops RAINING. Yes, we are seeing serious rain yesterday and today in Maine. How weird is that?

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Searsport Shores Ocean Campground said...

It's all your fault...I had no desire to go skiing until I saw your beautiful pictures...now I'm trying to plan a trip for Sunday...you've ruined my weekend ;)