17 January 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Our youngest daughter's sixteenth birthday was Wednesday. Because her daddy was going to be gone on her actual birthday, we took her out to dinner last weekend at Sarah's Cafe. Seeing that it was her sweet sixteenth, we also knew a party was in order.

This is a kid, however, who has chosen not to have a birthday party in three years. She has a lot of friends and acquaintances, and she never wants to hurt anyone's feelings or leave anyone out; if she invited everyone she knew to a birthday party, half the town would show up. That won't work in our little house in the middle of winter, so rather than keeping the guest list small, she has opted out of a party altogether.

So this year, rather than consult her, we decided to throw her a surprise party. We didn't invite everyone she knew; we didn't even invite all her friends. We invited a select few and left it at that.

The party was a grand success. Rather than a big, sudden surprise, the kids trickled in and our daughter figured it out after a while. She was thrilled. We got an amazing cake with raspberry filling from the European Bakery and we ordered pizza from our favorite local pizza place... the place where both our daughters happen to work.

And here's the really cool thing that folks outside our family will appreciate - - -

When the pizzas arrived, they were brought by our neighbor who lives across the road from us. Yes, he works there, too. And on the pizza boxes, in bright red marker, were happy birthday wishes for our daughter. The older sister of one of the boys at the party also works there.

Don't you just love small towns?

Even though it's now a few days past, Happy Sweet Sixteenth to my baby girl.

And yes, the cat story is still in the works. :)

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That's great! Happy birthday Mollie! Yes I do love a small town too!