01 January 2010


So Facebook experts (a.k.a. my friends and my kids' friends) tell us that we should be saying "Twenty-ten" rather than "Two-thousand-ten." Funny thing is, I think we've been refering to it as "Two-thousand-ten" for the past few years... and now we're expected to change it.

Either way, Happy New Year, whatever the year may be.

We had a nice Christmas and a nice New Year's Eve. In between, we drove to the Boston area for a day to see extended family. Today is our wedding anniversary and we've pretty much stayed in and avoided the snow, other than running out to Rite Aid together in the 4WD trick to pick up some cold medicine. Ooo - romantic!

I shuffled through all the photos we took at Christmas and this one stood out. One, because it's the only halfway decent one of me, and two, because it shows our Christmas tree. Oh, and that weird guy in the middle? No idea who he is. Oh wait - that's my son. At his best. :)

And to be fair, here's one of the other three...

We had a whole plethora of plans for this weekend which included pet sitting, basketball games, work schedules and lots of driving; but everything has been cancelled in honor of that rare winter event in Maine - - - snow. It's been snowing for two days, but we only have a few inches. Still, it's supposed to snow for at least another two days (maybe more) and some forecasts are predicting snowfall totals measured in feet, not inches. Could this mean an extra day of vacation for the schoolchildren? Here's hoping!

In other news, our kitty cat is still hanging on. She's declining, but she made it through Christmas and now has rung in 2010 with us.

In still other news, I have eaten lots of my Christmas candy but I have not yet used the Wii Fit. We have played tennis, baseball, boxing, and bowling (no, I haven't played golf. Golf? C'mon! Boooorrrrriiinnnggg!) The problem is, we're at an impasse about where to put the Wii. It is currently in our bedroom and my husband wants to leave it there, saying he will be more inclined to use the Wii Fit if it's in there. I want it in the basement where we have the big TV, as well as the added privacy of using it without an audience. Stay tuned to see who wins and who gets fit. Or who caves and plays golf.

Twenty-ten? Two-thousand-ten? I tell you, either way it's awkward. But however you slice it, I hope your New Year is happy, healthy, and full of contentment.

*** Edited to say ~ I realize now I made a typo. We have a 4WD TRUCK not TRICK. But I'm leaving it in because... how cool would that be to have a 4WD Trick?! :)

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krhollinger said...

Santa brought us a Wii and Wii Fit/balance board for Christmas also. Wii Fit is pretty cool (for exercise). Now - how did I miss the boxing game????