23 March 2010


It is a dreary, rainy day today in Maine. My friends in North Carolina are getting snow, and they are at least 1000 miles south of us. I don't get it.

Over the weekend, we had spectacular weather. It reached 70 on Saturday, and all the crocuses are up. A few daffodils have been spotted, and everyone's tulips are peeking out of the now-Spring soil.

All last week I refused to believe that Spring was coming early. I think I've mentioned here before that when we first came to Maine, I was told early on NOT to believe it when we have unseasonably warm days in March - that it's only a trick.

But what can I say - I'm a believer. Even though we have a forecasted high of 27 this Friday, I think they just might be wrong. Either that, or it will be a very WARM 27.

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Andy Mooers said...

In Northern Maine we could use a week of slow, long rain to wash off the winter dust, grime.