01 May 2010

May Day

This day always sounds more like a call for help than a lovely spring holiday. And speaking of which, is it REALLY a holiday? I mean, what is May Day anyway? Yeah, I once knew and I could now look it up on Google, but I'm just too tired.

It was not a holiday at our house.

On Thursday, my hubby had five teeth pulled to make way for implants. Problem is, implants take a LONG time to finish, with many steps along the way, the first of which is waiting for the gums to heal... which means he has no upper back teeth for the next 8 weeks. Baby food anyone?

So the last couple of days have been spent trying to figure out what, exactly he can eat - all of which requires nothing more than a spoon. And this for a man who loves steak more than life itself. Very sad.

Today, though he was only two days post-surgery (with plenty of fat-faced swelling, I can tell you) we figured it would be a good day to pick up a load of mulch and spread it around the garden. Honestly, I only wanted him to ride along... I planned to do the rest of the work myself. But being the sweetheart (and gentleman) that he is, before I knew it, he was unloading the mulch into the wheelbarrow while I spread it around. I kept telling him to stop, but he wouldn't.

Then he went inside and passed out and the REAL mayday began. Ok, not really, but he did go take a nap. Then I made him a nice bowl of clam chowder (put through the blender first - he can't chew the clams) and now he's comfy on the couch once again.

The problem is that *I* am tired, but I still have all my teeth, so I feel I have no right to complain. Just so ya know, I went on a 3-mile walk, pulled all the weeds in our back garden, and then did the whole mulching thing. AND PUT THE CLAM CHOWDER THROUGH THE BLENDER. Yeah, that was the really exhausting part.

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Connie said...

Tell Todd I'm sorry and hope he feels better soon! Still love your blog and hearing all you are doing. What's with these wierd postings? A computer? Love, Connie

Paulla said...

Hi Connie - he's doing well! And I deleted all those weird postings - I've been too busy to read comments lately, and there they were. Ugh.