29 June 2010

Thank you, Internet!

Wow, not only did I receive some lovely comments on the Juneteenth post, I also received a whole slew of emails about it. Thank you for educating me! And actually, I have to admit that in all my ignorance, once I was reminded, I DID remember why Juneteenth was/is important.

I have sorely neglected this little Corner of Maine this summer. I've been meaning to share all that we've been doing, our garden which is giving us mega-amounts of lettuce so far, and all the trivial stuff that no one really cares about but that they're kind enough to read anyway. I do have a good excuse, however.

As mentioned before, our son is home after graduating from college. He didn't get a summer job this year because... well, there really isn't a good reason. The EXCUSE is because he leaves in mid-July to head west for grad school, and also that when he first came home from school, he and his long-time girlfriend had just broken up, and he was in a funk... to say the least. Also, he planned to spend his two months of summer going through all his stuff, packing, planning to move, and of course, studying Greek and Latin, as those will be his subjects of choice in grad school.

Would you like me to tell you how many hours (no, not days) he has actually spent studying? Or how much of our garage is still LOADED with his stuff that is not purged or packed? I'll spare the internet. And my son.

So in the midst of all this, I'm planning to drive my son to the West Coast (or nearly so) with the help of his two sisters. We're making a big vacation out of it and I'll be sure to chronicle the trip along the way. It will be four of us in a tiny car and with multiple stops and stays along the way, it will take 10 days to reach our destination. I've already considered where and when I will have to kick someone out of the car and put them on a bus for the remainder of the trip. Hypothetically, of course.

You can pray for us in our endeavor. Or send money. Or condolences, as the case may be.

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19 June 2010


Does anyone even know what that means? I've always heard my mom say that June 19 is known as June-teenth, but I don't know if that's a Texas thing, a wacky mom thing, or if it really exists past the front door of the house where I grew up.

School has been out for three days now and I think we're all a bit shell shocked. Suddenly there is no homework, no sports practice, no stress. On Thursday, we just sat around sort of staring at each other, the girls saying, "can you believe it's really over?" Wow.

So today my kids are scattered around Maine - swimming in the bay, kayaking in the river, and having summer fun. Yesterday we went to Popham Beach for the day. I'm vividly remembering last summer at this time when we were lamenting the ongoing rain. It rained nearly all of the month of June and most of July.

Today we're getting tanned and feeding our sun-starved souls. I wish I could bottle up days like today and save bits of them for January and February. Ah, well.

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06 June 2010

Watching the Celtics

So, today is my 43rd birthday. It's been a lovely day ALL THE WAY AROUND, and now it would make a perfect day complete if the Celtics would win Game 2 of the NBA finals.

Just sayin.

How 'bout it, Celtics? Happy Birthday to Moi? ;)

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