01 July 2010

July - Day 1

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write this month, as part of the family will be leaving to drive our son to grad school out west while the other part stays home... you know, to WORK. (I'm among those who are going - woo!) So my goal is to post a pic (or more) each day. I guarantee the first two weeks will all be pics of Maine. After that, not so much. But then again, you never know...

So here's the first...

We went hiking at our good old Bradbury Mountain today.

When I saw this odd tree, the word that came to mind was... "determined."

We had lunch on the the big rock on the summit.

An ocean island in the distance - not sure which one.

The island from OUR point of view. Can you see it? It's TINY!

Happy July!

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1 comment:

Lexa said...

Great Pictures Paulla..keep them coming. Since I can't be in Miane, you give me a window to see all of its beauty. Thanks!