19 July 2010

July - Day 19

Today we drove across Ohio and half of Indiana. The goal today, much like yesterday, was to see friends, not sights. And of course, to continue with our westward progression.

We drove across the middle of Ohio to a town called Marion. Before yesterday, to me, it was just a dot on a map where my friend lived. But now... not only is it a real, living, breathing, place,... it is incredibly beautiful, and if I didn't love Maine so much, I know now that I'd want to live in rural Ohio.

My daughter said it best when she told us it was time to turn off the Stephen King book we were listening to, and put on the country music. There were cornfields, tractors, giant barns, farmhouses, sunflowers, and silos. We were our own country music video!

Really now, Ohio, where have you been all my life?

We ended our day with more friends in Indianapolis, and had dinner downtown at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Lovely city. Lovely friends. Ah, if only we had more time...

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commoncents said...

Just wanted to say I really like your blog... keep up the great work!

common cents

andrew mooers said...

super images and your blog is up to snuff in good shape.

Cara R. said...

Oh wow, on our way to Maine, we saw the Ohio Bicentennial barn in your picture! LOL :) By the way, the weather is lovely to us here in Maine! Thanks for sharing your pics!