20 July 2010

July - Day 20

Made it to St. Louis, gateway to the west. And I haven't felt such hot, muggy weather since I spent a summer in Houston as a child. *GASP*

Tonight we are in Jefferson City, Missouri. Did you know it's the capitol of Missouri? I knew that in like the 5th grade, and then didn't think of it again until we drove in and - what do you know, there's the capitol!

Also, I forgot that this is part of "The South." Some southerners might disagree, but let me tell you, these people are SOUTHERN. Everyone is friendly and they have wonderfully slow, methodical accents. I almost expect each of them to invite us home for fried chicken and cornbread. And we might stay with them forever. They're all so darned nice!

Case in point. The guy behind the counter at our hotel - an average chain hotel - gave me the card key and told me to read the 4 things that this hotel promises... then he proceeded to read the promises to me (cleanliness, make you feel welcome, and such). After reading the promises (slowly and methodically) he told me his name is Derl (yes, you read that right, it was on his name tag) and that if any of those promises weren't kept or if we needed anything at all, we should just come find Derl.

By the way, it's pronounced like "Earl" but of the two-syllable variety that can be common to southern accents. Der-l. Not Darryl, but DER-L. If you're from Maine, you'd pronounce it Duhl and he'd never know you're talking to him. Well, he'd probably answer you anyway, just because he's so nice.

Bye y'all.

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