04 July 2010

July - Day 4

Where would we have spent this day other than Bath, Maine?

I'm not sure if it's because my kids are so big or just because I think little kids are so darned cute, but I found myself snapping photos left and right of all the little munchkins with their chubby, edible arms, and their festive, holiday garb.

In addition to the parade, we walked past the library...

And OF COURSE visited the long-awaited Library Book Sale. Turns out today was the last day, so the books were free. FREE. You could take as many as you want, and they simply asked for a donation. It's never safe to let my husband and me into a place where they put the words "Free" and "Books" into the same phrase. Just sayin.

About the time the parade ended, the kids went off to do something else and my husband and I walked around Bath. This was also about the time that the breeze went away and the humidity showed up in force. Have I mentioned that humidity is EVIL?

However, the town was decked out in all it's 4th of July finery, and guess what we found - a used bookstore! And it was air-conditioned! Life is good!

This next picture, my husband pointed out, exemplifies all that is Bath - - the town hall, the trolley, and the Bath Iron Works crane in the background.

Down on the waterfront, we had fried dough and a strawberry smoothie, and then we sat and listened to the Elvis Impersonator. Other than the outfit and the hair, you can see that he doesn't look much like Elvis, but let me tell you, he sounded JUST LIKE ELVIS. He was great. And the older ladies in the crowd were going nuts over him. It was so cute!

Lastly, we walked around by the river, sat on a bench in the shade (let me emphasize SHADE as it was still so hot), and watched the boats.

It was a lovely day. Now the kids are doing their own thing and my husband and I are checking to see if we can find some fireworks on T.V. Yes, we are old. And proud of it.

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Lexa said...

Looks like a great 4th of July. Down East Magazine just had long article on Bath last month. It sounds like a great little place.