06 August 2010

Another Vacation

"What's this?" you ask. "Another vacation?" "A three-week road trip with your kids wasn't enough?"

Well, as fun as it was, it was anything but relaxing. I wouldn't classify it as a vacation, but rather,... a DEATH MARCH.

Ok, not really.

But it was far from restful. In fact, sleep deprivation was the order of the day. Of EVERY day.

For the next week, our family is hunkering down to spend some quiet and relaxing time together. I will be taking a self-imposed break from you, my beloved internet. I'm not sure I can survive without you, but I'll do my best.

And I can't promise I won't cheat and check in on you. But I'll try not to. I'm thinking of it as a fast - a fast from all that is electronic. And from anything remotely resembling a car. I think I've had enough car travel this summer to last a good, long while.

So until next weekend... signing off, friends. Have a good week!

(P.S. - Except for Twitter. Phones don't count. :P)

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