16 October 2010

Autumn in Maine a.k.a. 'Don't you wish you were here?'

True confessions - these photos were taken a week ago friday. My daughter and I drove up to the Farmington area for a Cross-Country meet, and although it was cloudy AND late, we saw some incredible foliage.

The first half of these photos were taken through the windows of the car, as we were in a hurry to get there, so they aren't the greatest. The second half were taken just after sunset, so we had the darkness to deal with.

But you get the idea. The colors were amazing.

Most of the photos were taken right around the town of Rome Corner, which is just about the cutest, quaintest little town you will ever see.


Stay tuned. I have about a zillion foliage photos to upload, so you can expect the next few days to be colorful, if nothing else. :)

Copyright © 2010 - Paulla Estes


Remnant said...

I want a brownie whoopie pie.

Love the colors! I think our peak will be next weekend so I'm planning a day trip to the mountains - but I doubt we'll have the brilliance of your photos.

Thanks for sharing your lovely New England with us southerners!

Paulla said...

Thanks, Lisa! :) I still don't think of you as a Southerner, but a New Yorker, lol. Enjoy your trip!

snore stop said...

waw what a amazing pictures,the places are very very beautiful and wonderful.I really enjoy your post.