29 October 2010

New Mexico Pics - And Nana

As I was flying west last week, I was surprised when the flight from Denver to Albuquerque went over the mountains. I've taken that flight many times, and it usually just follows Interstate 25 south. When we turned west at Colorado Springs, I had a momentary worry about terrorism... but to no avail. One I got over my surprise, I started snapping photos of Pikes Peak out the plane window.

New Mexico, as always, was dry, rugged, colorful and lovely.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, the circumstances, my mom and I had a wonderful visit... and the sun shone, at least a bit, every day I was there.

Lastly, and most importantly - the lady for whom the memories and sentiments are being shared and spoken by her family all around the country.

In younger days, my little Nana... Southern Belle, kind-hearted grandmother, loving mother, and always a lady. May she rest in peace.

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