02 November 2010

Food Wars: Maine Lobster Rolls

True confessions here. I had never eaten (or heard of) a lobster roll before I came to Maine. In my limited experience, lobsters were only eaten right out of the shell. As a child, I was traumatized by watching my dad toss them, live, into a pot of boiling water on the stove while I cringed.

Understand that I grew up in Colorado. The only lobsters we saw were the ones my dad brought back to us from Maine and Massachusetts when he went on business trips. The lobsters were shipped on ice, just as they are today, and we’d watch them crawl around our kitchen floor before their tragic deaths. I shudder, remembering…

Dare I confess that to this day, I have never cooked a lobster? Maybe it was the deep scars from my childhood, or maybe I’m just not much of a cook anyway (no comments from my family, thank you). I will, say, however, that after coming to Maine all those years ago, I discovered the heaven-on-earth that is lobster rolls. Yes, you read that right. HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.

A Maine lobster roll is a mouth-watering delicacy made of succulent chunks of lobster meat mixed with mayo and packed into a New England style hot dog bun. And yes, a New England style hot dog bun is different from the rest of the buns across America. In a word, they’re better.

If you’ve never had a lobster roll, then you need to get yourself to Maine and find out what you’ve been missing all your life. If you’re already in Maine and you’re looking to find out who has the BEST lobster roll around, then you’re in luck.

Tomorrow evening on The Travel Channel, Food Wars will be featuring two local Maine restaurants whose specialties are none other than – lobster rolls. In each episode of Food Wars, host Camille Ford visits a different city across America and profiles two local establishments that compete to make the best signature dish of the area. To settle these deep-seeded local rivalries once and for all, Camille organizes a final showdown taste test to determine who has the “best dish in town”.

In this week’s episode of Food Wars, Camille and the crew are in our own Kennebunkport, Maine. The episode will feature two local Maine eateries famous for their lobster rolls : Alisson’s Restaurant and The Clam Shack.

Alisson’s is a family-owned Maine restaurant that has been making delicious lobster rolls since 1973. Take top quality seafood served in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, add legendary service and a dedication to each and every guest and you have Alisson's recipe for success.

The Clam Shack, the oldest continually-operated fish market in Maine, has put a twist on the lobster roll by creating the Maine Lobster Roll Kit. This kit consists of 1 lb. of fresh-picked lobster meat, 6 traditional Maine rolls, 3 oz. of Clam Shack Mayo, and a recipe card.

Located just 500 feet apart, these two establishments have formed a rivalry among Kennebunkport locals. Joined by two food experts--Brian Duff (Veteran Food Critic of the Portland Phoenix) and Kathleen Fleury (Culinary Writer for Maine’s Premier Down East Magazine)--Camille will declare once and for all who makes the best lobster roll in Maine.

Sound tasty? Check out this clip previewing the episode...

Is that lobster meat decadent looking, or what?

The show airs tomorrow night, Wednesday, November 3, at 10pm Eastern. Check your local listings to make sure you don't miss it.

And if watching the show isn’t enough, you can follow the Food Wars crew on Twitter @Food_Wars and Facebook at www.facebook.com/foodwars.

Bon Appetit!

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog online when I was looking for someone who writes about Maine. I live in Colorado and my family is considering moving to Maine someday. I love your pictures and comments on your life there. Glad I found your site!

Connie said...

Wow, I wished I would have seen it. You guys told us that McDonald's had the best lobster rolls....