04 November 2010

It's All a Conspiracy

Well, most of the leaves have fallen, Halloween has come and gone, the wood is stacked, the shed and garage are clean, the heater is on, and the windows are shut tight. Some of the storm windows have even been put on.

All traces of summer are gone, even our tans. There's really not much to tell around here in the wintertime, so I guess I'll just sign off until next April or May. Have a nice winter!

Oh, I kid.

To whom would I complain about ALL THE SNOW if not to you, dear internet?

No snow for us yet here near the coast, though there was a rumor it was snowing in Bangor a couple of days ago. We did get a ton of rain today and lost power just long enough to get all the candles lit and change our plans for the evening. Then it came back on and we had to reset everything. Sometimes I think there's a guy somewhere in our town with a big lever-like switch, and sometimes I think he knocks out the power just to mess with us.

I also believe there are little green men living in the woods, but that my memory of them has been erased by the Men in Black. Oh wait, that's my son's non-memory, not mine.

I won't sign off for winter, but I do think I should sign off for the night before this cold-medicine-induced insanity/paranoia makes me say something weird.

Good night!

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Anonymous said...

That must have been what I saw in the woods! I wish I knew but alas they made sure I wouldnt remember...

Andrew Mooers said...

Winter is not a time to hibernate and one of Maine's four fun seasons for outdoor recreation.

searsportshores.com said...

You're so prepared! It's time to settle in with warm drinks, lots of good books and wooly projects!