09 November 2010

Sunset/Fall Back

My husband took this photo on Saturday, the night before we set our clocks back for winter. It feels like this will be the last sunset we see until, like, April... or whenever it is we set our clocks back forward, which is a whole 'nuther nightmare.

No, this isn't Iceland and we DO still have sunsets, but ever since we set back the clocks on Sunday, it feels like the days got exponentially shorter. We only lost an hour, but it SEEMED like it was still staying light until around 6:30 or 7:00. Now it's dark at 4:00. Ok, that might be because it's been cloudy and raining for two days, but it still feels not only like we lost a couple of hours, but that we lost a couple of hours of LIGHT.

Maybe I need to try harder to notice it on the other end of the day - that ragged end where we're just trying to get going and life is all about chaos.

Actually, for about a month I've been commenting about how nice it will be when we set the clocks back, because then I can get up and go running again at 6:00 and not have to take a flashlight. Guess how many times I've done that so far this week? Well, it HAS been raining and I HAVE been sick. So, yeah.

I really have no good or peppy way of ending this, so I'll just say - come around about 4:00 tomorrow and we'll watch for the sunset. If this damned rain ever stops.

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Lexa said...

I'm with you Paulla. I really miss having some daylight after I get home from work.

health quotes said...

What a wonderful sunset,really amazing.The sky color is soo beautiful.

Maine Wedding Photographer said...

One of the upsides of the shorter days is that I'm often awake to see the sunrises.... I have yet to be motivated enough to get somewhere to get a nice photograph though.