21 January 2011

Another day, another post, another snow storm

On Tuesday of this week, we had one of those frustrating snows where nothing was closed or cancelled, but clean up was still a headache. The snow began late-morning, while everyone was already at work or school, and by the time we all were driving home, there was already 3-4 inches on the ground.

Although the plows had the whole day to deal with this sluggish storm, our little road had only been plowed once and was sketchy, at best. But the silver lining to this was that the plows hadn't left a wall of snow at the end of our driveway, so I was able to get our little VW all the way up the driveway and into the garage.

The problem was with the forecast. We were told that once the snow ended, there would be freezing rain and ice on top of that. The words "freezing rain" are equivalent to profanity coming out of the mouths of local meteorologists.

I've never quite understood the reason nor the logic for freezing rain. How can it be 22 degrees and RAINING? I don't know. But it happens. And then the rain turns to ice as soon as it hits the earth. When there is already snow on the ground, the freezing rain leaves a lovely crust on top of the snow which makes shoveling snow THAT MUCH MORE FUN.

So the weather channel website said that the snow would end at 6pm, followed by an entire night of freezing rain. As fate would have it, my husband was out of town that night, so I got the snowblower going at 5pm, to plow out the snow and let the rain do what it would.

As I finished up the plowing at just about 6pm, the snow seemed to be coming down harder than ever. I went inside, cursed the fact (once again) that we do not have a mud room, and checked the forecast again. The weather channel had changed it while I was out in the storm: 2 more hours of snow and THEN freezing rain. This meant plowing again the next morning before we could get out of the driveway.

Oh joy.

But something lovely happened. You know, when my children were small and went out to play in the snow, I always had popcorn and hot cocoa ready for them when they came inside. There's nothing lovelier than trudging back to the house through the snow, cold, tired, and wet, and finding a warm snack. On this evening when I came in from plowing, I found my youngest daughter making dinner. How cool is that?

The next morning I plowed again, sent the girls off to school and had a much needed day at home. We've been out so much lately, what with basketball games, car shopping, and just day to day life, that the state of our house is disgraceful.

As if things weren't busy enough, the guy we hired three months ago to put a new roof on our house FINALLY got started. The garage roof is done and the rest will be done in between snow storms. And yes, they do put new roofs on homes during Maine winters. I thought it impossible, as have several of my faraway friends, but it's more common than you might think.

And after catching our breath, we are getting smacked again today by another storm and the delight of another snow day - the second in two weeks' time. They're saying 9-14 inches for this latest storm. It's always at about this time of the winter when I look at the yard and at the high piles of snow next to the road and driveways and think, "where the heck are we going to put it?" But we always find a way.

Lastly, if you're tired of hearing about snow, come back in May. This is pretty much all ANYONE is talking about here in Maine.

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