01 January 2011

Good-bye 2010, Hello 2011

Rarely have I been glad to see a year fading in my rearview mirror, but after this month, I'm ready to put the whole year behind us.

Just when we thought we were home free, had gotten through Christmas, and all was well, our youngest daughter was in a car accident this past Thursday afternoon. It was ice-related. She was on a road known for its dangerous hills and curves, and although she was going the speed limit, when she hit a patch of ice going around a curve, she lost control and hit a car in the on-coming lane.

It's a terrible thing to get that panicked phone call, but I thank God it was HER that called, and not the police or paramedics. She was ok. She IS ok. But our van is totaled, as is the car she hit. Thankfully, the driver of that car is ok, too.

Over the last 48 hours, the bruises and soreness have set in, and she's hobbling around quite a bit, but she was well enough to go to a New Year's Eve party last night, and to work today. Besides, getting out and moving around helps with the stiffness.

As a mom, I keep imagining the worst case scenarios. I can't help it - I'm morbid like that. Perhaps it makes me even more thankful for the outcome of the accident, but it also contributes to a major lack of sleep as I ponder all the awful possibilities that might have been.

And we are now in the market for another car, as our old pick-up truck won't cut it as the only vehicle for this busy family.

* * * * *

Looking back, I realize our year began with a loss when our old kitty died last January. Not long after that, our son had his big break up with a longtime girlfriend, whom we loved, and then he moved away to Arizona. Then we lost my grandmother in the fall. Those were the major things, but there were countless minor ones. Ongoing financial issues, illnesses, frustrations, new jobs, surgeries, etc. It wasn't a particularly terrible year, just non-stop. I often felt like I just wanted a vacation from... my life.

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary and we had plans to go away for an evening on the town (a small, Maine town, that is) and a night in a hotel. But with the accident victim and everyone suffering from colds, we've opted to stay in and celebrate another time.

Besides, every day that we're together should be celebration enough. The fact that the family is together, our daughter is ok, the house is intact, and we do have one good car - isn't that so much more than many folks have?

On that note, I wish you all a Happy New Year. And if I figure out how to take a vacation from life, I'll be sure to let you know.

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Connie said...

Hang in there Paulla, glad Molly is OK!