31 January 2011

Making the Most of Winter in Maine...

Yesterday I took my daughter skiing for her birthday... the birthday that happened nearly three weeks ago. The whole family was supposed to go, but as fate would have it, we still have illnesses being passed around our household, so she and I went alone.

And we had a GREAT time. Shh - don't tell the others!

It was 15 degrees at the bottom of the mountain, and thankfully, little or no wind. A light snow fell through most of the day, and then the sun tried to break through at the very end. Let me just say right here that the sun did NOTHING to ease the chill. If anything, it probably made it more vivid. The top of the mountain had to be right around zero. But we dressed warmly and kept moving.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Each time we were on the chairlift, we marveled at the beauty of those frozen trees. My daughter commented that we could go up those lifts 1000 times a day and never cease to be stunned by the beauty. I totally agree.

Here she is on her first black diamond slope ever, and my first in 25 years. I won't say we skied it, but I will say we made it down to the bottom.

Everything at the top of the mountain was so white, it felt like we were on the moon.

These signs were real. And they were quite serious about them. Apparently people jumping OFF the lifts is a real problem. Enough so that they need TWO signs. Who knew?

Gee, ya think??

Somehow, I think if I jumped off a lift, losing lift privileges would be the least of my concerns. Just sayin.

Here I am with only my nose peeking out. Did I mention that it was cold?

The trees just blew us away. Last year my husband commented that they look like something from a Dr. Seuss book. Whoville, maybe. Or anywhere the Grinch might live.

Or maybe something out of Candyland. Was there a marshmallow forest in Candyland? If so, this is totally it.

We were the 3rd to last people to take the lift up before it closed, so we practically had the mountain to ourselves at the end of the day. Looking back... wow, so pretty!

Copyright © 2011 - Paulla Estes


Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

The trees are beautiful, thanks for posting your pictures!

Cara R said...

Love these pictures!!! Beautiful winter wonderland! Thanks for sharing! ;) I'm loving all this snow! The plow truck got stuck in our driveway this week and had to call another plow truck to dig him out! lol

Connie said...

Love the pictures, don't wish I was there!