22 January 2011

More Snow Coming

You see why this is all we talk about???


For what it's worth, I'm REALLY hoping for scenario number two. Snow, we can handle, no matter how much is sent our way. As I said before, freezing rain = profanity. It shouldn't be allowed.

In other news (weather news, of course - it's winter, what else is there?) it is -2 degrees outside. The weather channel is telling me it's 11 degrees, but our thermometer says otherwise. Apparently, this is the warmest morning we'll have for the next couple of days. Temps in the teens below zero are forecasted for tomorrow and Monday.

Though it will warm up again into the 20s just in time for that next storm.

For all my friends and family in warmer climates, I have a message for you: SHUT UP.

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Mike Boyd said...

I was going to post this conversation fragment on my own blog, but I'll share it with you here instead...

Pete: We are having more snow.
Me: Nice, how many inches?
Pete: I'm not sure, but any amount is too much. It's enough already.
Me: We'd trade places with you.
Pete: Dad, there is seriously something wrong with you two...

Enjoy it as best as you can. Good luck and stay warm.

Paulla said...

That's funny, Mike. All the snow does seem charming and romantic... from afar! It actually IS charming and romantic if one can afford to hire people to do all the work of snow removal. Alas... not so charming for the rest of us. But beautiful, nonetheless!

Mike Boyd said...

Good point Paulla. In all my yearning for snow and my ranting for lack of it, I do keep forgetting about the actual shoveling of it... :-)