09 February 2011

Is This a Trick?

It's Wednesday and it's not snowing.

In fact, there is not a cloud in the sky.

What does it mean?!

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A New England Life said...

It means you live in New England and you never know what your gonna get!

Mike Boyd said...

You are in "King" Country....could be a sign :-)

Enjoy the lack of fresh snow !!!

susanawee said...

Perhaps it means lots and lots of sunshine, but, hopefully, not as hot as
here in Cottesloe in Western Australia today......our temperature is
38degrees celsius at the moment and the humidity is horrid. I feel the need
to go and have a nice cooling swim in the ocean which luckily is one
kilometre from my house.
Smiles Sue/Cottesloe. West. Aust.

Tiffany said...

Usually just means snow on Thursday!