04 February 2011

Up on the Roof...

We are getting a new roof. Yes, right smack in the middle of winter, in the midst of this steady stream of weekly storms, we have men tearing off our shingles, replacing plywood, and replacing insulation. We've known for years that we've needed a new roof. The house is 27 years old and the roof is the original. Over the years, ice damming and heavy snow has done its work, and we've begun to have leaks. And if that wasn't enough, we don't have enough insulation, so the upstairs bedrooms are ALWAYS COLD.

So back in October - YES, OCTOBER - we hired a reputable contractor who came highly recommended by one of our trusted neighbors. He's done roofs on several of our neighbors' homes. One neighbor told us that although he does good work, he wouldn't use him again because he's slow and isn't good at communicating with his customers. We opted to go with him anyway.

As is customary, in October, we paid half up front, with the agreeement that we'd pay the other half upon completion. We were told they'd get started in 3-4 weeks, worst case.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas came and went with nothing happening up on our roof. We were told the weather was slowing things down, but let's face it, the weather THEN wasn't much of a problem. Finally, three weeks ago, I told them it was time to talk about getting our money back, and guess what! They showed up THAT DAY and plowed all around our house and suddenly they had time to start our roof!

(Why didn't I get tough sooner?)

What with constantly having to remove snow to work, not to mention battling sub-zero temperatures, the work has gone slowly. But they're doing a great job and they're getting it done. The owner did tell me two days ago that they're going over budget what with spending all the time on snow removal, and I thought to myself, "This is my problem, how?"

We have guests coming to visit next week and I was really hoping NOT to have guys crawling all over our roof, not to mention the almost constant banging and hammering. I can see it now, "Welcome to Maine! Enjoy the snowstorm that will surely show up on Wednesday. And if that's not enough, here's an all-day headache for you!"

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