23 March 2011


If you look closely, you can see the crocuses, tulips, and forsythias blooming under all that snow.

Ok, not really.

It was 71 degrees last Friday. And now this. It's at this time of the year that the complaining begins. Not just from me, mind you. Everyone is struggling and trying very hard to remember just why it is we like it here so much.

Come June and July, we'll remember, but right now, it isn't that easy.

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Mike Boyd said...

Welcome Back!!! (and keep the faith...it'll be there soon).

I'm enjoying Spring weather here, but know the blazing heat is fast approaching. Owe you an email, coming soon. Hope all is well.

Cara R said...

Very different from Texas this time of year~I will say that! ;)
We just started seeing a little grass in our yard last Friday. Looking forward to our first spring here! I now see why people call it mud season, though. lol

Paulla said...

Thanks, Mike. You're so right, the heat will be there before you know it. I read your blog and saw that you're already gardening, and I'm jealous.

Cara, this mud season is one of the muddiest we've had in a while. Spring is beautiful, but remember, it's not really Spring until the forsythias bloom. Usually around Mother's Day, but sometimes earlier. Hang in there!

Wayne Foote said...

How right you are! As much as we all love Maine, this time of year seems like it has been going on for way too long. We are all ready for some sunny warm weather to help us get through one more year and then we will enjoy the beauty of the snow next year when it comes back.