02 April 2011

Barely Missed It

I'd like to show you pictures of our latest snow storm. Yesterday, April Fools Day, a storm swept through Maine dumping large amounts of heavy, wet, slushy snow, bringing down branches and power lines, and completely covering the few shoots of crocuses that have popped up around the gardens - the gardens that were becoming increasingly snow-free.

But I missed this snow storm entirely. On Thursday morning, my older daughter and I flew to the Southwest to visit her brother in grad school, and to allow her to visit the school as she edges toward her college decision for next fall.

When we arrived on Thursday afternoon, it was 85 degrees. Flowers were blooming. People were wearing shorts. People were TAN. People were sitting at outdoor cafes having frozen drinks.

The next day, as we toured the campus and the temperature moved up into the 90s, I spoke with my younger daughter back home as she enjoyed yet another school snow day. (At this rate, the kids will be in school until July, but no one likes to think about that.) Later that day, my husband called to say he'd left work early and there were several inches of slush already on the ground. And later yet, he called to say that he'd cleaned it all up with the snowblower.

All this while I was getting a sunburn and eyeing the ice cream shops.

Now we're winging our way back home... now that the snow is all cleaned up and the power is back on.

I wish I could do that EVERY time we have a storm. What a way to live! :)

Copyright © 2011 - Paulla Estes


A New England Life said...

90 degrees might be a tad bit warm for me right now but I bet the sunshine and flowers were glorious! Definitely a good way to spend a snow storm!

Anonymous said...

This is lots of fun. It spreads the good-will.

Here's an idea. Plant a garden and show it off.

We don't just grow good snow in Maine. We also grow plenty-fine mud.

So many blogs are negative. And yes, there is a place for that negativity.

It's still nice -just to take a break.


Don -over at MaineArtists.US

Wayne Foote said...

That's definitely the way to spend a snow storm!