30 May 2011

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all the men and women who have served and to those who are serving now. A special shout-out to our friend, Daniel, who has been in Afghanistan for a couple of months now, and to his fiance who is waiting for him back here in Maine. Prayers are going up for Daniel daily, and for all his fellow soldiers.

Our plan to attend this morning's local parade fell through. Part of it had to do with awakening around 1:00 a.m. to a spectacular thunderstorm that was shaking the house and flashing through our windows. After that, waking up in time to make it to the parade just didn't happen. So out we go now into the heat and humidity to plant flowers, set up window boxes, and put up our flag.

(And no, the heat and humidity is nothing like Texas or Florida, but we have black flies, so Maine still wins).

Have a wonderful day, and remember to thank those who have or who are serving in the military.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

It was quite the thunder and lightning storm this morning, huh? Doing some blog hoppin' this evening after spending the day at the lake. Another Maine Mom!


Carolyn said...

I was just about to say....heat and humidity?? Spent the whole day digging up irises to give away to friends, and just about had heat stroke! (It's a close race to see which hurts more right now, my back or my hands!)

But every thing I do around the house gets me one step closer to Maine!

Looking forward to the next installment!

(What about those notorious black flies I keep hearing about?)

Carolyn - too dang hot in Texas

Winter Solstice Dreams said...

It was an intense storm for SURE! We too couldn't get to the parade in our neck of the woods but we did take time to honor our veterans past and present together yesterday. It was a great day in our great state.
(((ps...LOVE your blog!)))) --Kim