02 May 2011

Spring has Sprung

Over the past few days, something wonderful happened. The sun came out, the daffodils and forsythias bloomed, the lawn began to turn green, and the car felt warm when we got in. Warm enough to open the window and sunroof.

We attended a high school track meet on Friday afternoon. As track meets go, we were there for several hours, but it was lovely with the warm spring weather. We marveled at the blue sky and laughed as we slapped at some of the first mosquitoes and black flies of the season.

And I realized something.

We in Maine are so completely demoralized by our winters here, that when the black flies and mosquitoes (and tourists) arrive each May in hordes, we really don't mind so much. All we know is that the sun has come out and we are warm again. We look up on our roofs and see shingles rather than snow banks and ice dams. We see the grass growing along the edges of our driveways, rather than icy canyons we've made with our snowblowers. Sure, we might be covered in bug bites and our scent of choice is Deep Woods Off, but at least we're WARM again.

And if this stops you from moving to Maine, well then so be it. That's part of the reason we like it here too - because the tourists all go home again eventually, and we have the snow and black flies all to ourselves.

And if that's not a slap-happy spring-time post for you, I don't know what is!

Copyright © 2011 - Paulla Estes


Meredith said...

You silly girl... :)
But yes... I am basking in the sunshine!
Hello again, our warm, bright friend... the winter was long and terrible!

Huskerbabe said...

Love the daffodils on your banner~

Carolyn said...

All we have to do is sell our house and we're coming to Maine. All our friends think we're crazy!

Lili said...

Hi there Paula! It's always so fun to meet another Mainer on here, we're up near Acadia and spotted our first blackflies the other day too. Wasn't the sun glorious?? Looking forward to reading more of your posts! ~Lili

Wayne R. Foote said...

Spring is such a wonderful time! Thank you for this cheerful article!!

Andrew Mooers said...

Winter is not as bad as folks that have never been here are told. We don't hibernate, play hockey, snow sled, ice fish and ski. I love winter and am not cold because of an insulated home, good clothing for blue skies, sunshine and crisp air days.