11 June 2011


My dad always says, "I may be getting older, but hey, it's better than the alternative." I don't care how many times he says it, I always laugh.

And in recent years, I've begun to understand a bit what he means. I suppose if I'm lucky enough for the years to continue to pass for me here on Earth, then I'll understand it even more when I get older.

Either way, I'm enjoying it now and thankful to be here.

My darling husband got me a cake at my favorite European Bakery. If you go to the link, the cake he got is the one at the top of the page - chocolate with raspberry filling. Really, is there anything better than that? I'll answer that. No.

We all went to see the new X-men movie, and Maine smiled on me and gave us several days of lovely weather.

If only it was summer all the time.

Yes, really.

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Bookworm said...

That torte looked amazing!