27 June 2011

Cool, Cool Summer

As opposed to Cruel, Cruel Summer. That would be the time I spent in Arizona last week where the sun tried to kill me. Cruel, yes.

In Maine so far, the summer has been cool. Refreshingly cool, I might add.

My friend, Becky, and I are thinking of walking a marathon this fall. We're actually 3 weeks into training for it, but we haven't signed up yet, because we're... chicken. Plus, as her 15-year-old son said today - you're going to WALK a marathon? His tone said, "How lame is that?"

And I sort of agree. Except that I want to do it. A few years ago when I was running, I thought I might one day run a marathon. And then I wised up. For me, walking is fine and pleasant and enjoyable while running is painful and hard and *GASP*. Yeah.

So we've been walking. A LOT. Last Friday, we walked 9+ miles, which, in Arizona, would have killed us both by the second mile. But when we did our nine miles, it was drizzling and about 55 degrees. What's not to like about that?

We've agreed to commit to the marathon (or not) by the first of August. By then we'll know if we can really do this (or not). I'll keep you posted.

And I'm pleased to report that today the sun came out and shined on Maine, and we got up into the 80s.

All our flowers are blooming and it's the time of year when I always say - Why can't it ALWAYS be like this?

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Connie said...

I wanna come!!! 3/4 way through Lit, love it!

Paulla said...

Connie, I hope you know you (and Bob and Nicole) are welcome ANY time. Our house keeps getting emptier with all these kids heading to AZ! And I'm glad you like Lit - check this out...

http://readlikemad.blogspot.com/ (my new reading blog) :)

A New England Life said...

Do NOT feel bad! People walk marathons all the time and it's nothing to be ashamed of, especially when some people can barely walk across a parking lot!

Looks like the heat is on for summer and it's about time. Many of my flowers died under the unrelenting rain. Are your Josephine Clematis really blooming already? Mine aren't even close!

Connie said...

How come you didn't tell me about read like mad before??? A lot to catch up on....