21 June 2011


I'm happy to report that my daughter is all registered and orientated at her new school. Now we go back to Maine for less than 2 months, and then she'll move out here for good.

But while I'm here, I have to talk about the heat. I mean, why not, as I sit here seeing the weather report in Maine (which I have always visible on the bottom corner of my computer screen). In Maine it's a perfect 70 degrees and fair. FAIR. I'm not sure anyone would ever describe the daytime summer temps in southern Arizona as FAIR. More like... Harsh. Cruel. Mean, even.

This morning at 8:30, we walked the mile from our hotel to the meeting place on campus. The sun was already high. And it was hot. It didn't just warm our backs, it bit and scorched and snarled. It threatened us. "Stay out here too long and I'll burn up your sorry ass!" Yeah, I really did hear that.

Or perhaps that was heat exhaustion.

We finished the day early so rather than walking back at 4pm when the sun is thinking about subsiding its threats for the night (only thinking about it - not really DOING it), we walked back at 1:30.

The sun was right over head and it felt like it was pushing us down into the pavement as we walked. In fact, the few other unfortunate souls I saw out walking were all trudging along very slowly, with dazed looks on their faces. It was sort of like a zombie movie, but the zombies were too hot to bother with anything.

We came back to our hotel room, shut the shades up tight, turned the A/C up all the way, and watched TV for a couple of hours. We don't even want to go to the pool because, you know, it's OUT there. That heat that will HURT you.

That 70 degrees in Maine is looking mighty inviting right about now. Yes, Arizona, I love you, but good god - you're an evil wench.

Remind me of that last sentence come January, when the tables most definitely will have turned.

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Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

Nothing beats Maine in the summer. I can't wait until mid-July when I will be heading that way. I can't even imagine being in Phoenix this time of year.

Connie said...

It may be a tough adjustment for Sam, I sent the link to Bob (fr Phx) he can relate....

Anonymous said...

But it's a dry heat! I would much rather have high temps and no humidity. Having said that, Maine is one state I have never visited but would absolutely love to see.