18 June 2011

Out West

Once again I am not in Maine, but Arizona, where the high was 106 today. And very windy.

You know that feeling when you open a preheated oven and all the heat comes rushing out onto your face, so you draw back in horror, and try to remember not to stand so close next time? Yeah well imagine drawing back and the heat just keeps coming. That's what this is like.

It's a little scary. A little like being in Maine in January when it's 15 below zero and windy. It's one of those temperatures when you know that without putting out a lot of effort, nature could KILL you.

As we walked into our refrigerated hotel, I gasped and off-handedly said to the guy behind the counter, "wow, it's hot out there." He sort of laughed unenthusiastically and said, "Welcome to Arizona," but it was in a tone that said, "you moron."

But I don't hold it against him. 5 minutes in that heat, and to me, everyone's a moron, too.

My plan is to get up at 4:00 a.m. to go walking, which is when the weather guys says the temps will in the mid 70s. I'm sorta/kinda in training to walk a marathon this fall. But it's not official yet so don't tell anyone.

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Nicole said...

Cute! Give Andy a hug from me!!! Have fun and stay cool!!! :-)