30 July 2011

It's Official

I'm going to walk the marathon. I paid my money and I'm nearly halfway through the training regimen that started in early June. The longest walk I've taken so far was 13 miles (2 weeks ago) and I have to do a 16-mile walk sometime in the next few days.

Originally, my friend Becky was going to walk it with me, but she's not able to commit to the entire training schedule right now, so she might just walk the half. But what that means for me is that I'm doing a lot of my walking alone. I don't mind being alone. In fact, I like being alone. Introverts are like that. But walking ALL THOSE MILES can get pretty long. And boring. Not to mention tiring.

At this point I can't decide which is making it harder - the heat and humidity or the huge chunk of time involved. After that nasty little heat wave last week, it hasn't been so bad here. Generally in the 80s. But the humidity makes it very hard, regardless of the temperature.

As for the time - I'm carving out 4-5 hours for my 16-mile walk this week, but it's not only that. After such a long walk, there is the serious stretching required, and then a recovery period. Even if I walk from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., I'm finding that the long walks are pretty much taking my whole day. My body just isn't up for much else after that. It took me about 3 1/2 hours when I did 13 miles, but I got a little over-heated and dehydrated, and I wasn't myself again until 4:00 that afternoon. I'm definitely learning about what my body needs and what it can take. I discovered orange Gatorade to be my new best friend.

Thankfully the marathon is in October, so both heat and humidity should be long gone by then.

The other really weird thing is that I have not lost one pound. Not one. Sure, I've been eating more, but not that much more. I know about how muscle weighs more than fat, etc., but I expected to see the scale go down at least a little. I can, however, tell that my clothes are fitting more loosely, so something is going on. Recently I asked my husband if he thought my butt was getting smaller. He replied that it's getting so small, he needs his glasses to see it. Yes, he is a wise man. :)

So... anyone else out there planning to do any marathons any time soon? Or any tips from seasoned marathoners? I'm all ears.

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Winter Solstice Dreams said...

Best of luck to you! And, our husbands sound similar. LOLOL! I am going to have to tell mine about that. Too funny. :) Have a great weekend! :) (((great post BTW)))
--Kim (South Paris, ME)