12 July 2011

Kayaking on the Androscoggin

We spent a lovely Sunday morning on the river.

We put the kayaks in at 5:30 a.m., just in time to see the sun come up over the trees on the opposite shore.

My husband brought his fishing gear.

We paddled about a mile and a half up river from where we put in. Just past the I-295 bridge.

We saw all kinds of wildlife - beavers, eagles, various water birds, and this lone deer on the shore.

Things started warming up and the wind picked up around 8:00 a.m.

But at that point, we were starting our trip back, and there was a lot less paddling to do, as the current was on our side.

The fishing was a huge success. He caught about a dozen small-mouth bass.

This group of ducks was actually two mother ducks with all their babies. And they weren't really babies anymore, just young. But still following their moms around. It was Kate and Allie of the duck world.

If only we could do this every day...

Copyright © 2011 - Paulla Estes


Lili said...

Now that is really something being able to fish from a kayak! Looks like it was a beautiful time for you both. ~Lili

Connie said...

Love this post and the last one too! Loved the pics!

Dena said...

In the interest of continuing wonder about our big Maine backyard, I wanted to invite you to my book launch for the tiny tome I just wrote on the subject: "The Official Maine Staycation Manual." It's going to be a party with fun hangouts, free drinks (the boozy kind and the caffeinated kind), and some snack in celebration of everything cool there is to do in Maine.

Please come by Arabica Coffee Co. in Portland, ME on Friday, August 5, 2011 from 6 to whenever folks go home.

Thanks so much! Wishing you great Maine Adventures,
Dena Riegel
author of "The Official Maine Staycation Manual"

Anonyvox said...

Oh my goodness, how gorgeous! A trip to Maine is definitely on my bucket list. I just have to claw my way 95% of the way across the continent...