28 August 2011

Hurricane Irene

I hesitate to write the word "hurricane." At this hour of the morning, Irene is centered in New York City and is still a Category One hurricane, but just barely. By the time she reaches the shores of Maine, she will most likely be downgraded to a tropical storm.

Not that a tropical storm isn't a serious thing.

The media has done it's work and this storm is all anyone in Maine is talking about. Or maybe I'm watching TV a bit more than I usually do. Either way, I dislike hype about anything, so although we've taken the usual precautions in the face of such a storm, I've also sort of shrugged it off for how it will impact our area. Downed tree limbs and power outages will most likely be our only problems. And my only real concern about that is losing all the food in our refrigerator and freezer.

If that's my biggest problem, then I'm doing ok.

* * * * *

In other news, a couple of weeks ago, I hired the friend of a friend to clean out and organize our garage. She did such a good job that we were able to put both cars in the garage for this storm - a monumental thing, for sure.

If I had the money, I'd hire her to clean out and organize every room in our house, but instead, I've taken what I saw her do in the garage, and I've spent the last week organizing our home. Or rather, organizing the kitchen and THINKING about organizing the rest of the house. It's gonna take a while.

But in doing this, I'm learning a lot about myself. First, I'm not as dense and disorganized as I thought. BUT, I have serious distraction issues. After thinking it over, I realize I'm probably a little bit OCD, quite a bit ADD, and terribly MBB. Yeah, Obsessive Compulsive, Attention Deficit, and Messy Beyond Belief.

On Friday, I cleaned out and organized the refrigerator and freezer. At one point, I took some things from our small kitchen freezer to our large basement freezer. Once down there, I saw that the laundry needed to be put into the dryer. After doing that, I folded the clothes already in the dryer, and then I cleaned out the cat litter box. At that point, I noticed some things on one of the basement shelves I needed to deal with. An hour later, I went back upstairs to the kitchen and saw the refrigerator items still sitting all over the kitchen table. Such is the story of my erratic life.

A day stuck at home because of a tropical storm seems like a good time to continue getting organized.

Or maybe just to take a nap. Yeah, maybe that instead.

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Cindy said...

Are we somehow related? I hate the hype for this non-event, and I can totally related to the ADD, OCD, MBB!
You should see my basement but it's scary!
Are you walking the Maine marathon?