24 August 2011

Where do I begin?

We spent last week in Arizona, taking our middle child to her freshman year in college.

Is it just me, or do freshman dorms always look a bit like prison cells? I mean, we fix them up with cute comforters, posters, etc., but underneath it all, they're just cells, right?

We also got to spend time with our oldest who is in grad school at the same university.

Having my little girl so far away is hard for this mom, but knowing her dorm is a stone's throw from her brother's apartment is very comforting. And he's been looking out for her in brotherly ways, like helping to haul boxes and setting up her online X-box account. He also invites her over to hang with his friends. He's a keeper!

We saw and did so much while we were there. Not only did we see rugged mountains, wide-open spaces, spectacular sunrises, and cactus galore, we also saw the inside of many malls and Target stores. Oh God, the shopping we did. And I am not a natural shopper, so it was fun but exhausting.

The really weird thing was the humidity. Arizona? Humidity? Oh yeah, let me tell you. It's monsoon season there, which means they have thunderstorms every afternoon. And it was more humid than it is here in Maine. And much hotter. I got up every morning to exercise BEFORE sunrise, and it was 80 degrees and humid. So much for "it's a dry heat." Thankfully monsoon season is only during July and August. The rest of the year is pretty much perfect, if you like summer all year long.

We saw lots of desert-y goodness.

And had some laughs before we said good-bye to our little girl.

Good-byes are never easy, but that was an especially tough one. Yet, it warms my heart to know that she's just where she needs to be - my girl who does not do well with darkness and cold... Arizona is custom made for her! Maine... not so much.

The day we said good-bye... my three babies, oldest to youngest.

Now that our baby is a senior, we'll be doing this again next year - same bat time, same bat channel.


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Meredith said...

It doesn't seem possible. Cliche or not.
Stephen is starting Kindergarten in less than a week.

I just want to grab them and squeeze them tight and hang on to these moments...