29 September 2011

Blog-Novel... Blovel?

Recently I was alerted to the writing of a blog-novel which is set on the coast of Maine. Ideally I should have posted news about it here back in JULY when it was first being published on a daily basis. But then, I'm slow like that.

Now we're at the end of September, and the entire thing has been published. But that's a good thing, right? Because now you don't have to wait until the following day to find out what happens next.

The author is Michael Evans and the book/blog-novel(sorry, I just can't seem to bring myself to use the word 'blovel') is called Island Wars.

This is a fun read. If you've ever read a novel by Stuart Woods, then you'll love this, because it's written in that first-person, no-nonsense, quick conversational style. And you'll be glad you can just click to the next day's entry to see how the story progresses.

If you've like to read Island Wars, visit Down East Magazine at DownEast.Com Then go to the top right of the page and click on "BLOGS." Scroll down a bit and you will see Island Wars.

Or, just CLICK HERE and you'll be taken right to the blog. Remember it's been written in blog form, so you'll be viewing the last post. Scroll down to get to the beginning.

You'll be glad you did!

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Esromeu said...

Hey Paulla, Interesting idea, posting a Blog-Novel.... Reading it now. Pretty good. I'm back, been a hectic busy year, but I'm back. Been catching up on your blog postings too. So for so good :-)

Hope all is well. Mike the New Yorker in Georgia

Paulla said...

Hi Mike! Your blog went away (last time I checked) and I wondered what happened to you. Looks like you have a new blog - I look forward to read it. Thanks for popping in! How are you doing?