24 September 2011

A Few Things I've Learned

With all this marathon training, I’ve learned that…

- In just one summer, I can get in really, really good shape.

- I need a goal-oriented exercise program.

- If running or walking is your preferred method of exercise, a treadmill is a great investment. Especially if you live in Maine.

- The right shoes make all the difference.

- Fresh air and sunshine take the edge off otherwise difficult days.

- I’m not competitive with anyone other than myself.

- I AM very competitive with myself, always trying to improve my time.

- Our town and the neighboring town aren’t very big at all. I can walk all the way around both in a matter of hours.

- I can walk to places in town rather than exercising at home and then driving later. Two birds with one stone and all that.

- I can walk just about anywhere I need to go, and the round trip is not too much more than 8 miles. Like I said, small town.

- I like walking and running for about 8 miles at a stretch – but really no more than that.

- The only other marathon that interests me is the ING New York City Marathon, because. . . what a great way to see the city!

- Having the next goal-oriented program ready and waiting, inspires me to do my best at this one, and come out of it as healthy and fit as possible.

- Having a photo of Jennifer Lopez’s legs on my treadmill spurs me on to run faster and harder (she’s only two years younger than me, so it’s not THAT far of a stretch to try to have legs like hers).

- Actually, yes it is, but I’ll settle for the best legs *I* can have, and that’s what counts.

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