16 September 2011

Two Weeks to Go

The marathon is just around the corner and I am ready. I've done two 20-milers, 12 miles today, and I'll do only 8 miles for the long walk next week, as I taper down the miles in hopes that the 26.2 won't kill me.

This afternoon I drove to Portland to get race tags for yet another road race, since you know, the marathon isn't enough. This Sunday, my husband, daughter and I, as well as several friends, are doing the Trail to Ale 10K.

My husband, whose idea of exercise is to run from the couch to the refrigerator, claims he is going to run it while I walk/jog. I have only one response for this: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck with that, Sweetie.

The cool thing about this race is the free beer and pizza at the end. Sure, it'll be around 11:00 on a Sunday morning (in fact, we'll be missing church for it) but what the heck. Just don't tell anyone at my church that I'm skipping so I can go drinking. Tell them I'm walking. For a good cause. Yeah.

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