22 September 2011

The Work Bench

Ever since my middle daughter left for college AND the public school sub jobs have been sparse, at best, I’ve been doing spring cleaning. I do that every fall. I can’t bring myself to do it in the spring when the weather is nice and I’ve been inside all winter.

That said, I have recently come upon some interesting things in our house.

My husband has a work bench in the basement. It’s actually a big table made from what used to be a door, and two large shelves on either side, holding it up. It’s huge. Right next to it is a peg board from which many of my husband tools hang neatly. However, somewhere along the way, the work bench became the place where we put everything that doesn’t have a home.

Here it is:

On the work bench are many Home Depot bags with little screws or nails or gadgets still in the bag – WITH the receipt. I won’t even begin to speculate on why this is so, but I have it on good authority that his father does the same exact thing.

So yesterday I came across a bag of lovely, round light bulbs– the kind that go in those fancy bathroom lights. Years ago, my sweet husband bought a light fixture like that for me and promised to put it up in our bathroom. He even went so far as to drill a BIG hole in the wall above the mirror.

That’s as far as he got.

Until yesterday, the fixture sat in the bathroom closet, collecting dust. I moved it to a more permanent home – ON THE WORK BENCH. And that’s when I found the bag with the light bulbs. And in that bag I found a receipt… from 2005.


When my husband got home later in the evening, I had him guess the year of the receipt. He guessed 2008. Ha. Not even close. When he found out it had been SIX YEARS, his response?

“Well, it’s a complicated project.”

I think it’s time to call an electrician. Maybe an electrician would clean off the work bench, too.

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Huskerbabe said...

Remind me not to let you come see my sewing table. ;)

Andy said...

LOL six years ago! I was still in high-school and now I've almost got my masters... what an interesting juxtaposition of accomplishments.