08 November 2011

Day Eight - My Son


Not everyone knows I was 20-years-old and single when my son was born. It's not a secret, it's just one of those things that I don't really think about anymore. My son is 24 now, most of the way through graduate school, and living in another state, thousands of miles away.

But get this: we still talk every day. EVERY DAY. We were always close, maybe because for the first four years of his life, it was just me and him and his grandparents. Maybe it's because after I married his adoptive dad and gave him two little sisters, he was my little helper. Maybe it's because when his dad went on two Navy deployments, he became the little man of the house.

I know now that I probably expected way too much of him by the time he was seven-years-old, but he was always so mature. With two babies only a year apart, I often relied on him to run into stores for me, and even answer or make phone calls for me. To this day, he still likes making phone calls way more than I do, so see - it was a good thing!

I couldn't be more proud of him and I thank God every day for the gift of my son.


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Unknown said...

Such a sweet picture when Andy was little! You look the same Paulla! He's told me you guys talk everyday--that's awesome! I wish we saw you guys more often!