09 November 2011

Day Nine - My Eldest Daughter

My middle child is the one who looks exactly like her dad. My other two kids look a lot like me, but this daughter somehow came into the world with only her father's genes.

She was born on Christmas Eve nearly 19 years ago, and what a Christmas gift she was. I began being thankful for her long before she was born, but her birth was such a blessing to us. It was an easy birth, and she was big, healthy, and perfect.

Today, my dear girl is in college thousands of miles away studying linguistics and languages... and I miss her so. But rather than talk about all the things I miss, I would like to talk about why I am so thankful for her.

I am thankful that at age five, she taught her four-year-old sister to read, even though I thought her sister wasn't ready.

I am thankful that she marches to her own drummer - she has never been a follower nor a conformist. I LOVE that.

I am thankful that she is artistic and shares her artistic talent with the family - most often by playing the piano. That's one thing I miss most since she's been at college - the piano playing.

I am thankful that she is a fighter. She's had a tough row to hoe since for the past ten years, health wise, but she is a survivor.

I am thankful for her heart for animals. In another dimension (for you Once Upon a Time fans) I'm convinced she would have been Snow White. Woodland creatures literally flock to her - I've seen it with my own eyes. Plus, she has the snow white skin and jet black hair, and who are all those short guys she keeps hanging out with? I just hope she stays away from apples...

I am thankful that the Southwestern United States has the sunshine that my little girl so desperately needs after growing up in the dreary, dark winters of Maine. I just wish our country was a bit smaller...

I am thankful that if there ever IS a Starfleet and an Enterprise, my daughter could easily have the job translating all the alien languages. :)

I was given a special Christmas gift 19 years ago and she turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving. I couldn't be happier or more proud that she's my daughter!

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