07 November 2011

Day Seven - Pets

I had to make this post about being thankful for pets in general, because if I try to tell you I'm thankful for my three cats, most of you will think I'm lying.

I've had pets all my life, some of which have come and gone and are like little blips of memory in my life; others made a huge impact on me and my family, and I miss them still.

I have tributes to three of the pets we lost over the past few years: Shiloh, Lucy, and Ricky. But losing our German Shepherd, Roxanne, was so painful, I couldn't bring myself to write anything for the public to see. All I have on this blog regarding her memory is a photo of her HERE taken less than a week before she died.

Our current three cats are... ok, they're a pain in the neck. Well, two of them are. But this is a post about being thankful. I'm thankful for my three kitties because they make us laugh and smile - daily. They are active and funny and they love us. They watch us sadly as we leave the house, and all three are always sitting at the door, waiting, when we come home... and then they run when they know I've seen the cabinets they've opened and emptied or the garbage they've knocked over.

Still, I can't imagine a home without pets, and I'm thankful we are able to own them and care for them properly.

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Connie said...

I am so thankful for Soba! I often ask myself "what did I do without a dog all those years?" She is so awesome and makes me so happy!