17 November 2011

Day Seventeen - Power, Water, etc.

Here in Maine, we lose power each winter. Sometimes even in the summer. We have a wood-burning stove, so heat in the winter is never an issue. But if the power is out for more than 12 hours or so, we have to move all our refrigerated food out into the garage, where the temperature in winter rarely gets above freezing.

We've never lost water, thankfully, but we are prepared just in case, with several gallon jugs of water waiting for that day that hopefully will never come.

After Hurricane Irene back in late summer/early fall, and then with the surprise late October snow storm, my husband is lobbying to get a generator. Lobbying because we've lived all these years in Maine without one. Maybe we're getting soft in our old age. Or maybe it's worth spending $800 to know that if we lose power in the warm months, we won't lose all the food in our refrigerator and freezer. And if we lose it in the winter, we'll still have TV. And microwaved popcorn. Priorities, you know.

Each time the power goes out, it causes our family to pause; not only because suddenly there is very little to do in this technology-powered world, but also because it makes us grateful for what we're missing. When the power goes out, it's a little fun because we light candles and read and play cards. Or sometimes we just go to bed early. Imagine!

But when the power comes back on, I always feel incredibly thankful. For the lights, of course, but also the hot water, my hair dryer, the microwave, and the washing machine. Especially the washing machine!

Yay for power!

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