06 November 2011

Day Six - The Denver Broncos

When I was 10-years-old, the Denver Broncos went to the Super Bowl and lost to the Dallas Cowboys. My dad was a Cowboys fan, and since we were living in Colorado, I was naturally a Denver fan, even if I wasn't entirely sure why. I had recently learned how the game of football worked by playing my cousins' hand-held video game of football (I don't remember what it was called, but those games were popular in the late 70s).

On the night of the big game, my dad and I sat in our little TV room and watched the whole game together. We sparred, verbally. We cheered our respective teams. We bonded that day.

My dad was (and is) a kind-hearted person, but we weren't inordinately close when I was young. He traveled for work and was gone a lot. Thankfully, we are much closer now that I am adult, but that's a different story.

The Denver Broncos, or rather, football in general, was the one thing my dad and I had in common when I was a kid. Today, he calls me nearly every Sunday during football season to talk about what the Broncos did (or rather, didn't do) that day.

When I met my husband, I found out he was a Bronco fan, having been born in Colorado, but then spending the rest of his growing up years moving all over the world as a Navy brat. I'd like to think the Broncos had a little something to do with our getting married. Today, we never miss watching a game on TV.

With everything going on in the world and having just 30 days to talk about what I'm thankful for, choosing a football team might seem a bit shallow or frivolous. But not to me. This team is something that bonded me to my dad at a young age and bonds me to my husband now.

And what about living in Maine and following the Patriots? Sorry, sports fans, I'm true to my team. Plus, I don't really like Bill Belichick. There, I said it.

So for now (and always) - - - Go Broncos! :)Copyright © 2011 - Paulla Estes