12 November 2011

Day Twelve - Television

Television?? Yes, I am thankful for the TV.

Although this probably sounds frivolous and trite compared to all the other more important things to be thankful for, the TV has given us a lot of good. Sure, these days the list of bad things it's given us would probably be a lot longer, but that list isn't the thing for which I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for TV because it is fun to watch our favorite shows together as a family, laughing, nodding, and seeing how the families on TV are like us - - and NOT like us.

I'm thankful for TV because we are a family that loves to watch sporting events. We would get to see a professional game perhaps once every five to ten years if we actually had to pay for a seat and go to the game. In fact, probably less often than that, since many of our favorite teams are far away.

I'm thankful for TV because it is still a learning tool. I remember watching Sesame Street and Electric Company most days after school and I learned a lot - probably more than I learned in school. But more than that, through TV, we can visit countries we never would otherwise see, we can listen to musical presentations and concerts that we might not otherwise afford to go to. TV takes us to places and shows us things that make our world a bit smaller and more approachable.

I'm also thankful because TV gives us news and human interest stories. It shows us our politicians up close and personal - and all that that implies. It takes us INSIDE all the places OUTSIDE our viewing area.

No, of course I don't think TV is THAT important, and yes, we certainly abuse it and watch way too much of it. But a lot of it is good, and for that, I'm thankful.

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