21 November 2011

Day Twenty-One - Freedom of Religion

I once heard an interesting comparison of religion here in the United States to that in communist nations. Here we have freedom OF religion, but communism promises freedom FROM religion. This is an important distinction and one that is often forgotten.

Religion has always been a huge part of our country, as many of the very first immigrants came here to escape religious oppression, or simply to worship in their own way. Since then, millions more have come with the promise that they can practice their religion any way they choose.

But today there are those who think that the separation of church and state means that religion should have no part in our government buildings, our schools, or even in public places. There are also those who think that everyone in the U.S. should be part of their religion, and they will go to great lengths to try to make that happen.

Both parties are wrong. We are not a Christian nation nor a Muslim nation nor a Jewish nation. We are a free nation. As a Christian, I am thankful this is not a Christian nation, because I wouldn't want the government telling me how to worship my God.

Yet we also are not an Atheistic nation. Most of our people practice some type of religion and should be free to do so. Rather than keeping religion out of our buildings and our schools, we should be teaching our children about our rich heritage and encouraging them to seek something bigger than themselves.

I am thankful that our founding fathers saw the importance of letting religion be a choice. My prayer (yes, prayer) is that that will never change.

Copyright © 2011 - Paulla Estes

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M.B. and Esromeu said...

Hey Paulla, I received your message and then wasn't able to connect onto your page...was I surprised when I finally did. I love the 30 Day's of Thanksgiving posts. Great idea and great posts. Look forward to the remaining posts. All the best. Mike