27 November 2011

Day Twenty-Seven - Texting

I am thankful for cell phones. And I just have one question: what DID we do before cell phones? How did I survive high school in the 80s without being able to text anyone? How did my mom know when to pick me up from school? How did any of us communicate at all?

We made the best of our primitive circumstances, didn't we? We actually had to plan ahead for rides. And we had to pick up the phone (the one attached to a wall) if we wanted to chat with a friend.

There are some things about this technology-obsessed world that I don't like. But I LOVE cell phones. Even though I'm not supposed to do it, I text my kids while they're in class at school. Hey, they're MY kids and I'm paying taxes for that school; I'll do what I want.

I also love that I can communicate quickly with someone without having to go through all the pleasantries that come with a phone call. Texting saves time. Rather than a 10-minute chit chat, I can say - "Still meeting at 10?" And get a response within minutes or even seconds - "Yep." And there you go, conversation over.

Even my mom and dad have embraced texting. My dad and I text back and forth during football games - me in Maine and him in California. We talk about the game without actually TALKING during the game. No interruptions, just - "Did you see THAT?" Or "Tebow did it again!"

So if you don't have a cell phone or if you're not a texter, you might not ever hear from me.

Just so you know.

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