23 November 2011

Day Twenty-Three - Heated Seats

I discovered heated car seats when we got our mini-van (the one that was totaled last year). Back when I was in high school, I used to have to wear my cheer-leading uniform to school on game days. For whatever reason, I didn't have a long coat, and apparently I wasn't smart enough to keep a blanket in the old car I used to drive, so my legs were... cold, to say the least.

And then I came to Maine and technology blossomed and now we have heated seats. I didn't even know about them until we got the mini-van. It was an older van, but it had leather seats. Ooooh yeah, leather seats - everyone seems to like those. But sitting on a leather seat in a car that's been in sub-zero temperatures all night can be torturous.

But crank up that heated seat about five minutes before you get in the car and... ahhhhh.

My little Volkswagen (the one that replaced the totaled mini-van) has heated seats, as does the jeep we bought my daughter a few months ago. Our cars might be old and have a lot of miles on them, but our tushies will be warm in the winter.

And on days like this...

I am so thankful for those heated seats!

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