01 November 2011

Day Two - Good Health

As I write this post, my youngest daughter is in the next room huddling under a blanket, coughing. She is missing her second day of school this week and will likely stay home again tomorrow.

Also as I write this, my husband is nearly two years into a dental ordeal that has included multiple surgeries, medications, and pain, not to mention a huge mountain of debt. We hope the whole thing will be over by some time in January.

What's more, as I write this, my middle daughter suffers with migraines and epilepsy, neither of which has responded to any sort of medication or treatment.

Me? My back hurts. It hasn't been bad enough to go to the doctor, but it's getting there.

Yet, on this second day of my 30 days of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for good health and for the good health of my family. Yes, we have our issues, but we also have health insurance, decent medical care, clean water, good food, and a warm home. So even when we are sick, we can be cared for adequately and safely.

Although my daughter has a nasty cold, perhaps even the flu, she'll get better. My other daughter has found natural remedies that help her situation, and she's finding her way, in spite of the difficulties. My husband has a good dentist and his dental ordeal will eventually end. Good health, fleeting as it may be, is something none of us should ever take for granted.

My next door neighbor has been battling Leukemia for a few years now, and after the 3rd go-around with chemo, he finally had a bone marrow transplant last month. I can say now that I am thankful for his good health, as well - incredibly thankful!

We don't know how long we have on this earth, but today, right now, our health is relatively good and for that, I am thankful.

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