03 November 2011

A Side Note... Vote NO on Question 2

There are advertisements on this blog, most of which I embrace and fully support. However, although I have opted out of putting political ads on this site, sometimes they show up anyway.

For the record, if you see a "Vote Yes on Question 2" ad on this site, I wholeheartedly DISAGREE with it.

Question 2 is all about building more casinos in Maine, and in my opinion, causing problem after problem after problem. Gambing is a no-brainer for me - I've seen it do more harm than good in every single situation.

The Question 2 folks are telling our lovely state that the casinos will help schools, bring in jobs, etc. In fact, most of their ads don't even mention a casino. They never talk about gambling addiction, prostitution, and bankruptcy - the REAL affects of casinos.

If you see that ad on this site, please ignore it. Or better yet, do just the opposite. Vote NO on Question 2.

And now we will return to our regularly scheduled program.

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