23 December 2011

Catching up...

It's a good thing I did the 30 days of Thanksgiving in November, because shortly into December, the sh-- pretty much hit the fan. Suddenly what we thought were relatively minor health issues in our family blew up in our faces.

We're holding our own and we're all together for Christmas (yay for kids home from college) and we're thankful that for now, all is well.

But setting myself up like that for being thankful was very helpful and therapeutic. Although I've been blindsided by a few things, I've been able to go back to being thankful, after the initial shock passed.

Today, everything is calm and a gentle snowfall has covered the yard, the driveway, and the streets; enough that we are now guaranteed a white Christmas.

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connie said...

Sorry my friend...I am thankful for you. Call me if you want to talk...